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I'm Canadian, originally from Hamilton, Ontario. Happily married for 6 years, wife's name is Lara. 14yr old stepdaughter named Cole. I helped found the Xbox team, and now I'm the CTO for Marchex.


In terms of hobbies, it's all about skiing. Really like skiing. Like to read quite a bit. Definitely have been accused of being a video gamer. Love going to new restaurants. Enjoy just hanging out with friends and people watching. Love to travel whenever I can.

As for favourite things, well, check out the blog for most of the cool links etc, but for a quick read: Books - John Irving, David Eddings, Tom Clancy, random from Bailey Coy Books Artists - Kostabi, Seuss, Warhol, Cameron Bird, Rod Charlesworth Places - Whistler, Vegas, Rome, Squaw, Alta, San Francisco, New York, Home