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Sean Pickton

nice play-by-play. the "spray" issue kind of grosses me out. that said...not exactly sure if "spray" would be better or worse than running for 4.5 hours with jingle-bell person. i now think that both would be in Stef's personal hell.


Congrats Babe! Yet again, you amaze me. Beautiful write-up of the whole experience.

And of course, you are more than welcome.


Lisa (Homesick Texan)

I came here from your wife's blog, and I just have to say, what an amazing recap of the marathon from a runner's eyes! A very satisfying read. Congrats!

And how fortunate you being on the top tier--good luck of the draw. I've had friends on the bottom tier and they concur it's not a pretty sight.

Good luck in all your future races!


I am deeply impressed! I wish I'd known when I met you in London last month that you had done this - I would have bought you a congratulatory pint! For someone who has never run further than about 5km in her life, this sounds unattainably wonderful. Great blow-by-blow account.

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